Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28, 2015

Today there is much sadness in our home.  Today we are mourning the loss of a wonderful companion.   Three years ago, I posted this,, and I remember crying my heart out then.

A couple of days ago TJ called me to let me know that Chewie was not doing well.  They found out that he had a tumor and the vet gave him two weeks to two months.  Last night, as his heart broke, TJ called me to let me know he would be taking him to the emergency vet and would have to let him go.  Today I was supposed to take the kids over to visit with him one last time.

TJ has always been a part of our family...even before Chewie came into it.  One of my first memories of Chewie is when that silly puppy chased down a fishing lure and got a hook stuck in  his lip.  TJ was there with Cameron and they all had to hold that silly dog still while Danny shoved the hook through his lip. Later in life, when we would go on vacation, TJ would come to the house and stay with Chewie.  It was during our last vacation that Danny likes to say that "Chewie turned".  Chewie wasn't eating well and Danny told TJ to put a raw egg on Chewie's food to get him to eat.  That was all it took.  Danny said that Chewie chose sides that day and became loyal to TJ.  I don't know that that is true, but in 2012 Chewie officially became TJ's dog.  Interestingly enough, I remember that TJ wasn't sure that it was going to work out.  He told me his girlfriend, Jessica, had a cat named Georgia and that Jess was pretty protective of that cat.  It really all hinged on Jessica saying it was okay.  As it turned out, Jess and Georgia and Chewie all grew to love each other.  This a picture of Chewie coming to visit me on Mother's Day 2013, he brought TJ and Jess.  :) 

I will be forever grateful to TJ and Jess for taking Chewie into their home.  They loved him as well, if not better, than I could have.  He had a good life filled with love from so many people.  He will be forever remembered.